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My Story

Hi, I’m April.

Interior design isn’t just my profession, it’s written into my bones. Prior to interior design I was a sommelier, and I’ve been blessed with many rich experiences and incredible travel opportunities through my involvement with the wine industry...But my soul yearned to do something deeper, to express my creativity, with my long standing love of interior spaces and architecture as the canvas. 


My travel desires have always included visiting the beauty of Turkey and buying carpets in Istanbul, touring the mosques and palaces, and walking the gritty side streets in search of that perfect little atelier where I’d find a treasure to ship home. I find my heart beating deliriously when I glimpse poppies growing in the sidewalk cracks, or a neighborhood cat perched in an arched window with big pots of geraniums growing nearby. My heart sings at the crooked imperfection of the cobbled stone street, especially if there’s a beautifully glittering body of water at the end of it. I like things a little wabi sabi, not too precious and perfect, which is why I’ve always been drawn to the old world with its chipped facades of hundreds, or even thousands, of years old buildings. I love to bask in the richness of it all, and I feel that it’s an honor to have something in my home (and to bring this to you as well) that comes from traditional craftsmanship.


And these are incredible traditions, hand crafted and passed down generationally: knotted rugs that take months or even a year to complete, glass blown delicately by hand, furniture created by people instead of machines, the thoughtful matching of patterns and stretching of leather. And that is also why my travel has brought me to Istanbul and Venice to name a few places, in search of art, textiles, tile and ceramics.


My interior design aesthetic is more than just that, an aesthetic. It has to genuinely feel good, because, well, we live in our homes. I believe that your home should excite, intrigue and delight all of your senses, and that it should light you up when you come home. I want you to be thrilled to walk in the door after you’ve been away, because you can’t wait to sit in your favorite chair by that beautiful window, or to cook something wonderful in your well-appointed, thoughtfully designed kitchen. I want it to be breathtakingly beautiful, but feel perfectly perfect, for you.

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